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Toyone Village started the friendship project with Saudi Arabia

Toyone Saudi Arabia Friendship Steering Committee for the Partner Country Saudiarabia started in the Aichi Prefecture Toyone Village.

For deepning the friendship with Saudi Arabia
Active movement started after the Friendship Project was declared in the Aichi Expo.Especially at the town level, production and study was planed for activate the partner country day "National Day".
It meant the expanding the chance to touch sense of different values with other cultural people.
However, the region where the exchange cannot be advanced easily is seen here and there from the difficulty of the communication, the personnel shortage.

"Toyone Saudi Arabia Friendship Steering Committee" to start the exchange with the Saudiarabia kingdom was established for the Expo partner country Saudi Arabia in 1200 population Toyone village. Organization committee's characteristic is in the point composed of the number of men chosen from teachers, the public office staffs, and private companies. And they studies the point to have aimed not to limit the exchange of the Toyone and Saudi Arabia in the Expo period and to the first to continue for a long term.
In the development of a concrete exchange project, the following four projects are developed as a business in the first stage.


What is Toyone Village ?

1200 population small village, located in northeastern of Aichi Prefecture. Because "Top of Japan small size amalgamation" with the next Tomiyama of 200 people was decided recently, it becomes famous. The Chausu mountain of Aichi Prefecture that is the only ski area is started in the region, and it has a variety of regional resources such as "HANA MATSURI" that leave the style as the divine service dark. This time, the friendship ambassador becomes a sponsor, the committee is started up, and it aims at a continuous exchange with Saudi Arabia.

Toyone Saudi Arabia Friendship Steering Committee

RepresentativeFMr.Masaaki Araki
PartnerFSecretary-general, Mr. Yamamoto
Zip CodeF449-0403@
AddressF2@Warabitaira, shimokurogawa-aza,
Toyone Village, Kitashitara-gun, Aichi, Japan
TELF0536-85-1033 / FAXF0536-85-1720

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